29 September 2010

@ Anggerik International Cafe

Ini ialah laporan khas dari Al-Scheira,
I love to eat at this cafe for several time few years ago....but today, when i came back..everything changes...
Apa yang saya nak order semua habis...waktu tu baru pukul 2.30..almost everything finishd..white rice + other lauk also finish...and FYI this cafe was full with pictures of food they have..and what do u aspect from that pict?... yup..that's mean they have that menu...But..when i start to browse the pic while thinking of what i want to eat..the waiter said, dont look at that pics..all of them have finish..we just have this one (while showing the list of others menu)...ermmmmmm...its okey...then i ordered napolitana beef and meat ball...yup they only have that..(all chicken-base dish have finish) huh,.baru pukul 2.30..erm..sume pon da habis..side order pon abes..huhu..(ftw)


am so mad


look around...scanning...yup...from exclusive coffee house/ cafe or wuteva to decent semi-furnish dining hall..
, item '86' not properly informed to customer..and too much item 86..
environment:  not harmony with lame song

very rude casheir ..


they have comment card..but no comment card's box..

but they were so lucky today

to have

AL-SCHEIRA and members as their customer..

makanan disini memang sedap..sebab tu saya datang balik selepas beberapa tahun..
dan hari ni punya makanan pon masih sedap..
tapi sayang-..too much things to make me dissapointed..
dulu tak macam ni pon...saya datang pukul berapa2 pon sume complete..

Harga semua : RM 20++
Location: googling urself, i wont tell..

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