30 June 2012

Peralatan Memasak

Hello, semua..sejahtera keatas kamu semua, sudah berabad lamanye tidak menulis. Sedikit sukar hendak menulis skrang ni..masa, masa dan masa yang singkat, pendek dan tidak sempat menyebabkan saya jadi tak de masa nak tulis.okey sekian untuk pengenalan fasa pertama.
Terus ke pengenalan peralatan memasak…erm..berbunyi aneh untuk dibincangkan. Tapi ini sekadar perkongsian tentang hobi saya. Yup..setiap orang ada citarasa tersendiri dalam kihidupan hariannya. Contohnya kalau beli baju mesti brand ni, kalau jam mesti brand ni..tapi skrang saya ingin bagi tau pasal brand peralatan memasak..huhuh..some may say, do I care?..atau ada aku kesah? haha..tp saya memang pentingkan brand didapur..


Sekarang ni saya mcm suka sangat dengan brand ni Brabantia!!!!..;)))..sgt2 suka..I was starting to envy this when somebody so nice gv this to me on my wed day..!! urmm u guys might not believe it, it just a mini dustbin!!..what on earth could you gv a person a dustbin!!.


.me n my husband also hd the same thought..and..one fine evening, unfortunately we accidently ( while eating McD mcflurry) stand in front of brabantia boutique near mutiara damansara..oopss..i was just like OMG!!!!(stare!)..this is so SMART!..yup..and I don’t like to mention about the price..but.. starting from that..we start checking on this brand!..fuhh..

fyi brabantia have wide range of product ; knife, fork and spoon, container, also can opener and many more not only dustbin okay..but for knife set, Iv got my own brand of interest!! later w’ll talk bout it

The other brand is tefal!..also love it..had a set of collection ..but only bought during a sale..so cheap!! When comparing the price, 1 large pan (from Malaysia) equal to 14 pcs complete set (from that country of origin)..

This Thermo-spot will tell us when our pan is hot!..haha..maybe some of you already know, but this is just  information to those who dont know..I always remind my husband to look at this spot before he start cooking/frying things..

Victorinox!!..anyone familiar with this?!..this is the brand for my knife !!! (husband give to wife)..got 1 boutique in mid valley..( I wish I can go to its country of origin and buy another set ;)) –
I am not going to explain why I like this and this brand- but its all because my definition of quality is from myself..

Okay.apart from this not so familiar brand.what is you opinion on ikea products?. I do visit the store quite some time, interesting design and price (only) but for quality (let me think first). Er..yup I do admit that some of my stuff also from Ikea.. but..err…long explanation!!..my father say, it is like Mydin..and my sister used to say that, the shelf life of each product is equal to the price. Let say we bought 1 pillow cost Rm 3-haha that mean it can last only 3 weeks!!..and its true but not the ‘weeks’..but 3 days only..and I bought about 20 pcs pillow hahaha..(dont want to explain here for what reason..)..however, the product also quite okay!!..I still love few design like cabinet, dining table, table lamp,..my only tips, I have to look at the price first, if the price was unbelievable cheap, I start to look at the materials, do my calculation and start considering whether this thing can last only few DAYS!..hahahaha..orait if u guys do see somebody in ikea stare at one product for very long time, checking unnecessary materials, that’s me!!.

 How weird I am talking about this..haha cause I know some of you might have their own brand for clothing, shoes and all that..but for me..I don’t care much about the clothing brand, oR tudung Ariani ! or wutsoever..but, for shoes and watch!..I DO CARE!..
Oh my English and BM..so like schweinenbraten.Herraus!. 

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