26 December 2011


Assalamualaikum, disini dipaparkan koleksi gambar play-doh adik beradik Al-Scheira, Al-Sofiyyah...

macam real kan....

Memang real pon..hahaha

al-sofiyyah yang buat ni..umo baru 3 tahun...kite sediakan dough , dan rolling pin dan sausage je..

5 jenis roti pelbagai jenis, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry, sosej, dan gula..

OOhh..sekian..saya tak tau nak tulis apa..

and ini ialah stupid cat belongs to stupid neighbour..opps..the cat is not stupid, but the neighbour..
our neighbour had 20 cats, stray cats, they collect and nursing them, provide them home..but the cat always cat, jump to each house- poo-ing and pee-ing. Now they add wire fence on the gate..about 1 m..
like these pics, (taken from upstair)

unfortunately, when you have brain stored in your zip-pocket........
the cats still can survive and visit other houses doing the same routines.

caught him inside our house! AGAIN ..after pee-ing on the bed last month
we dont mind you have thousand cats-as long as you know how to treat them well without causing any trouble to all the neighbours

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Anonymous said...

tuan kucing yg bodoh

Anonymous said...

x aman x aman

peningpikirapa said...

good post!


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